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Simple tips to improve your slap shot

In this weeks video we will be focusing on the art of the slap shot.  And more specifically how can we get our slap shot of more quick and more accurately come game time.

The game of hockey has change immensely over the last few years, and very rarely will you have the time to really wind up and take the big old up slapper with the roof scratcher backswing like you used to.

Guys are faster, the game is faster, and we need to get that puck on our stick and off our stick as quickly as possible. Scoring goals in hockey is often times more about speed and location that it is about just straight up power. Don’t get me wrong having a big heavy shot helps, but what good is it if it takes 30 seconds to get off?

Try these tips out at your next game or practice and see if they help you get more pucks on net, and hopefully scoring more goals!

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Matt Korthuis

Matt Korthuis

Is a ‘Skate Canada Trained Skills and Development Coach’ and 10 Year Former Pro. HPT is the Hockey Training Authority with video training, mini-camps and 1-on-1 training to make you a better a hockey player. Connect on Facebook or Instagram to stay up on the latest!

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