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Basic Passing drill with Lars Hepso.

In this weeks video I get a chance to step on the ice with Lars Hepso from Skate With Power and work on a simple passing drill.  And even though this is a very basic drill, and skill to work on for hockey players, it is still something that many players struggle with at all levels. You would surprised how many times you see a 3 foot pass get screwed up in practice. Little things matter guys!

And If you think about it, almost every play, in every hockey game you ever play begins with a pass, and if that pass isn’t a hard and accurate one, then you’re going to have difficult time executing the play you were setting out to make.  Whether that be a break out, setting up a goal, or trying to create offence off the rush, making a solid pass is key to achieving your desired result out on the ice.

So find a buddy, get a puck, and get out there and work on that passing!!

Hope you guys enjoyed this video and we will see you at the next one!

Coach Matt,

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Matt Korthuis

Matt Korthuis

Is a ‘Skate Canada Trained Skills and Development Coach’ and 10 Year Former Pro. HPT is the Hockey Training Authority with video training, mini-camps and 1-on-1 training to make you a better a hockey player. Connect on Facebook or Instagram to stay up on the latest!

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