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Backwards skating tips for hockey players

In this video I go through a few different drill progressions to help you improve your backwards skating, and backwards crossovers in hockey.

In order to become a strong skater, and start to dominate hockey games with our speed, we need to learn the foundational movements and practice the proper techniques over and over and over again.  If you are struggling with your backwards crossovers and not picking up some of the speed that you would like, then go back to basics, work on these drills, and over time and with the correct amount of practice and application your skills and speed will start to improve!

And lastly make sure you’re taking the time as well to work on your edge work skills, being confident on your edges is going to allow you to be more confident when it comes to crossing over, especially going backwards.  If you’re are looking for more help with your crossovers, then check out our  Elite Training Members area.


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Matt Korthuis

Matt Korthuis

Is a ‘Skate Canada Trained Skills and Development Coach’ and 10 Year Former Pro. HPT is the Hockey Training Authority with video training, mini-camps and 1-on-1 training to make you a better a hockey player. Connect on Facebook or Instagram to stay up on the latest!

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