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I seek out top coaches and players, ask for their most valuable insights and deliver them to you in the form of a podcast. Listen to Big Z's interview to hear what he had to say about mental toughness in hockey!

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Hockey Pro Training Academy Testimonials

  • “I signed up for the program in mid-February.  I watched a bunch of the videos and did a handful of coaching calls with Matt.  I followed what he told me to do about relaxing and visualizing and what I’d do in key situations. The difference in my game was incredible. I felt really good pre-game and even better during and after. I had more points in my last five games than the prior 15. Then tryouts and showcases began and after the first one, four different teams called to recruit me…never had that before. Matt has been a huge help to me and I really appreciate it. I’m excited to continue the program and I’d tell anyone who really wants to get better that if you put in all the hard work on your skills and off ice training, you need to add the mental training to complete the workout. ”
    Jake Parker
    Walpole Express U18
  • “I watched your confidence video like two days ago.... and I purposely did it right before playoffs. We were going to the semifinal game, and I hadn’t scored yet in playoffs despite being my leading scorer with 43 goals on the season. We lined up on a power play line at the beginning of the game to set the pace, and because of my good shot I played D rather than my usual forward. the face off was won back to me and I skated between the defenders and sniper it hard down high blocker, 11 seconds into the game and we won 1-0. ”
    Hockey Player
  • “If anyone has a son or daughter that is lacking self confidence on the ice you need to have them join hockey pro training. After my son started the program he started carrying the puck with more confidence and has a completely different outlook on the game. Don’t hesitate and join ASAP. ”
    Gabe Satterlund
    Hockey Parent
  • “I have improved a lot over the years from his great coaching and hockey knowledge. He has made me not only a better hockey player, but a better person as well. Matt is definitely one of the greatest coaches you could ever train with.”
    Rylan Rennie
  • “Matt has been coaching our son Colby for a few years and is very knowledgeable, encouraging and patient. He has helped Colby develop into the player he is today. We appreciate all he does!”
    Steve and Christine Prokopchuk